A Bitch Named Stitches

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Are you really so black and white that you can only pay attention to one person at a time?

You only seem to be able to be with me and ignore your family or with your family and ignore me. I dont see how its hard to do both, but everytime youre here you reject every call and ignore every text and then you go on vacation with them and shut me the fuck out. You barely talk to me and when you do its generic and dont want to tell me anything about your vacations or anything. I dont know man, Its just really annoying to have my phone glued to me when youre gone and youve never cared about messaging me. Even in college you were distant and shit. Like its not hard to type things you would normally speak. 



words cannot describe the appreciation i have for the person who put this together

i want to be raven baxter ok

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when rappers brag about being rich and breaking the law but then whine when people illegally download their music


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Mulan (1998) // Memoirs of a Geisha (2005)

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this just happened on my dash… 

it happend again

How can you hate on cookies though?? Like, in any form?? They’re FUCKING COOKIES BRO!!!

don’t let the anti-moreos guy see this either

wait for it he has sources


 he’s here

hell yeah im here and im ready to whoop your substantially corrupt minds back into fucking place

You’re like 15 dude you ain’t about to whoop anyone’s ass

I have the power of skeleton memes on my side, what do you  have?  tom hiddystan? bendelick mumberdun? doctor when??? yeah

This is literally the most beautiful post on Tumblr

doctor when

I’ve found the legendary posts!

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Why do people think that I’m you?

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